Shannon Hong
Shannon Hong
Data-driven, impact-oriented problem solver

Hi! I'm Shannon


I'm all about data, international development, and sailboats.

I'm a data-driven and impact-oriented problem solver. I've worked in fast-paced environments in politics and in tech, in Europe, Asia, and the United States. I work best with a measurable and profound purpose, like electing a President, pushing financial institutions to divest from fossil fuels, and managing chronic diseases with AI (upcoming at Lark!). If you have an opportunity to make change, count me in! 



Business & Growth Analyst @ Lark Technologies [2018]

Named Top 10 Most Innovative Apps in the World by Business Insider. Uses AI to manage chronic diseases. I worked on financial modeling and analysis, as well as due diligence, for CEO Julia Hu. Learned a ton about what it takes to build an incredible team and a great product. And played some Mario Kart. 


Host @ People's Park Podcast [2017-2018]

People's Park was a hotbed for activism in the 1960s. Now, it's a haven for the homeless. Students at Berkeley live side by side with homeless individuals, but we don't know them. This podcast shares their stories, hoping to bring empathy and lasting change. 


Business Development Intern @ Optionizr Paris [2017]

Moved to Paris for a summer to do bizdev at this travel tech startup; examined growth opportunities for the company. Spoke a lot of french and ate a lot of baguettes in the city of lights—and love.  


Research Assistant @ Institute for research on labor and economics, with prof. clair brown [2017 — 2018]

Our goal was to show the financial risk of investing in fossil fuels. We're publishing a report (coming soon). 


Correspondence Intern @ Hillary for America [2016]

Started as a fellow in Santa Clara County in the primaries, moved to Philadelphia as a Special Projects Intern for the DNC, and finally arrived at the headquarters in New York City. Learned so much about people and policy. My heart is fuller having worked here, even though we lost. I have some great stories—I'll tell you over coffee. 



University of California, Berkeley | B.A. development studies & B.A. data science [2016-2020]

Ironically, after eschewing all STEM in high school, I stumbled into data science and was soundly captured. Life works in strange ways. I'm a proud member of Delta Delta Delta and Sigma Eta Pi (a co-ed entrepreneurship fraternity). 


The Harker School [2012-2016]

Here, in a school immersed in STEM, I developed a passion for politics, business, and activism. Forever grateful for the teachers that taught me everything I know & my peers who taught me everything I don't know. 




NASA Datanaut [Fall 2018 Class]

I get to use NASA opensource data and make cool things! More projects and information to come.


American Red Cross Disaster Response Team

I'm volunteering for the red cross on disaster response. I'll help out during local disasters like house fires and provide resources. 


What does it mean to be American?  I'm going on a cross-country, 48-contiguous-state road trip in 2020 to find out. (coming soon)




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